Building glossary of terms in Social Sciences and Humanities

 Training for Vietnamese Translators in Social Sciences and Humanities,
a project funded by EUNIC Global.

L’Espace Hanoi.
As part of the joint project funded by EUNIC Global, a group workshop between Vietnamese specialist and translators in Social Sciences and Humanities was hosted by L’Institut Francais du Vietnam (IFV) on behalf of EUNIC Viet Nam on September 28th, 2019.

Mr. Hoang Hung shares his experience
in book translation and findings of Educational Psychology
(Photo: ©IFV)

Chaired by the journalist and translator Hoang Hung, the workshop equipped participants with fundamental knowledge of Educational Psychology, along with practical examples in analysing and translating some psychology-specialised terms into Vietnamese. By together working on the same extract from “The Origins of Intelligence in Children” by Jean Piaget in four different languages, participating translators enjoyed an opportunity to discuss some struggling but intriguing notions, as well as exchange their viewpoints on how to distinguish literal meaning of several terms and to choose the right ones in Vietnamese language.

Sample of Psychological terms,
results of group discussion between the programme expert and translators
(Photo: ©IFV)

On behalf of the project’s coordinators, Hung also introduced his plan for a glossary of terms in Educational Psychology, which is regarded as an ultimate outcome of the one-year training project for translators in Social Sciences and Humanities. Facing the shortage of Vietnamese trustworthy documents in the field, meeting participants attached great importance to the project’s proposal and its implication for their professional work. After open discussion, implementation tasks, group division, and deadlines were set up to publish a handbook of terminology, including 400 basic terms in Psychology in five different languages, accompanied by their clear simple definitions and examples.

Translators coming from different languages take part in the September workshop (Photo: ©IFV)

By Vu Hoang Quyen


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