SYMPOSIUM: The significance of general knowledge and its application in translation work

 Training for Vietnamese Translators in Social Sciences and Humanities,
a project funded by EUNIC Global.

L’Espace Hanoi.
In the framework of EUNIC Global – funded project, the importance of general knowledge was on discussion at a symposium hosted by L’Institut Francais du Vietnam on behalf of EUNIC Vietnam in collaboration with the Wallonie – Bruxelles Delegation in Vietnam on August 20th, 2019.

Themed « the Acquisition of general knowledge and progressive training programme for a translator », the event gathered experts and translators from different languages in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities. It was among the following activities of a series of events in the training project to promote knowledge-sharing and capacity building for young Vietnamese translators in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Mr. Andrew Norris presents the key role of general knowledge
and its linkage with translation – interpretation work
(Photo: ©IFV)

In his remarks, the Belgian expert from Wallonie – Bruxelles Delegation, Dr. Andrew Norris shared the seminar was an opportunity to exchange views on approaches to acquire general knowledge, while affirming its immense value and practical significance of the application, thereby contributing to streamline the translation process and enhance translation quality. The seminar featured some useful tools to select and filter out reliable information in online magazines, along with resolving obstacles in analysing socio-political events and rising narratives in our today’s world.

Meeting participants discuss challenges
in grasping and analysing featured news around the world
(Photo: ©IFV)

Sharing in his conclusion, Andrew asserted that via the discussions at the seminar, there would be several orientations and solutions to effectively look up and understand challenging notions in European literature, aiming to provide quality translations and accumulate the books in Social Science and Humanities.

For further information related to the seminar, please visit WBIspecialist-VN for Vietnamese version or WBIspecialist-FR for French version.

By Vu Hoang Quyen