L’Espace, April 27th 2019. The Institut Francais du Vietnam (IFV), on behalf of EUNIC Vietnam, organized a one-day workshop focusing on academic knowledge in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Led by the French expert Dr. Hubert Petit, the meeting provided participants with fundamental knowledge of Social Sciences and Humanities, including definitions and recent developments. Notably, the meeting participants got involved in group discussions on three different disciplines: Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy.

Social Sciences and Humanities remain a neglected area in Vietnamese publications, although there has been a significant growth in the book market in recent years. Funded by EUNIC Global, the one-year project “Training for Vietnamese Translators in Social Sciences and Humanities” was developed and is being implemented by 6 EUNIC members to promote knowledge-sharing and develop translation skills for young Vietnamese professional translators.

Mr. Hubert Petit shares his scientific expertise in the meeting (Photo: ©IFV)


The project translators take part in the meeting (Photo: ©IFV)

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Note about the Speaker: Dr. Hubert PETIT holds the World Guiness Record on the number of higher education diplomas, with thirty-three university degrees including medicine, law, economics, political science, international relations, mathematics, literature, diplomacy, epidemiology, sociology, ethnology, oriental languages, ​​civilizations, and others. He is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale d’Administration and works as a senior official in the European External Action Service.

By Vu Hoang Quyen