Promoting cooperation between translators and publishing houses in publication of social sciences and humanities

Training for Vietnamese Translators in Social Sciences and Humanities,
a project funded by EUNIC Global.


L’Espace, June 8th 2019. L’institut francais du Vietnam (IFV) successfully co-organised a series of meetings between translators, Vietnamese expert, and several national publishing houses in the framework of the ongoing project “Training for Vietnamese Translators in Social Sciences and Humanities.”

These meetings aimed to promote cooperation between experienced and less experienced translators as well as the project’s publishing partners. During the working sessions, attendees shared their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions for publishing books in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in the upcoming time.

In the morning, translators in 6 different languages participated in a three-hour discussion with Nguyen Ngoc, Vietnamese specialist and famous translator of SSH books. With his expertise in this type of books’ translation, Ngoc was on hand to open the meeting and provide participants with useful techniques and guidance to analyze the context and how to understand difficult notions in a specific text taken from Tristes Tropiques by Claude Levi – Strauss.

Nguyen Ngoc shares with participants his experience in translating books in Social Sciences and Humanities

Glossary of terms from Social Sciences and Humanities, Result of the morning discussion with Vietnamese expert Nguyen Ngoc

Following the morning session, translators continued to attend a half-day meeting with the project’s partners coming from national publishing houses. Meeting participants enjoyed an opportunity to exchange opinions on growing concerns about publishing SSH books. In the afternoon discussion, publishers shared their perception of considerable challenges in searching for qualified translators, although they have already acquired copyrights of many books in SSH. Representatives of national publishing houses were confident that with the support from our project, they will be able to strengthen cooperation with our project’s translators to overcome these challenges and amplify the publication of SSH books in the future.

Representatives of publishing houses discuss the publication activity in Social Sciences and Humanities with the project’s translators

Funded by the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC Global), the one-year project “Training for Vietnamese Translators in Social Sciences” is being implemented by 6 EUNIC members in Viet Nam, consisting of the Goethe Institut, Embassy of Italy, Embassy of Hungary, Embassy of Spain, Wallonia Brussels Delegation, and L’Institut français du Vietnam. With its total of 36 members, EUNIC Global’s mission is to build trust and understanding between the peoples of Europe and the rest of the world through culture.